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Consulting – Carson Jones | Podcast & Influencer Marketer


Over 80% of consumers say they look up a brand on social media before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Over 72% of corporations say that they look up a consultants social media profile before deciding to hire them.

What does this mean? Whether you are a business or brand, you need to tell your story and have social credibility if you truly want to win. The two most important ways to communicate with potential customers/clients? Via images/video and verbal story telling. The best ways to do that? Instagram and podcasting. Founder of one of the largest network influencer agencies in the United States, Influencer Collabs and Co-Founder of Podcast Influencer, the industry leader in Podcast marketing, we can take your brand from obscure to industry leader faster than anyone else in the world.


Podcast Consulting @ Podcast Influencer

Podcasting is changing the way consumers get their news and entertainment. People are busier than ever and often don’t have time to sit down and watch a YouTube video. Our cell phones are consuming our lives and almost every person, young or old, spends a substantial amount of time on their phone. Whether you are looking to start a podcast for your personal brand or reach potential customers for your international brand, you should be podcasting. At Podcast Influencer, we have engineered the best marketing team in the world to help you start or grow your podcast. All podcasting inquiries must be directed to our team at Podcast Influencer by visiting our website below.

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Instagram Brand Consulting

Instagram is set to hit 1 billion active users this year, making it the most important place for your business or brand. Instagram is the biggest discoverable platform in the world, meaning huge opportunity for you to reach a large audience or bring in new customers. Are you looking to grow your Instagram account and bring in thousands of new, targeted leads per month? Are you looking to grow your brand credibility to book more consulting/brand deals? Instagram is the biggest lead generator in the world, if you know how to use it to your advantage.






Followers Gained



Grow Your Brand

Over the years, we have built up an influencer network over 800 influencers with over 15+ million followers. Our well organized influencer giveaways can grow your account organically over 10-15,000 followers within 48 hours. Why should you care? Instagram credibility and engagement is more important than ever. Gain the credibility you deserve and begin targeting the niche followers you are looking for with our fully refined 2 step growth process.

Why use my team to grow your brand?

  • Grow your brand 10-15K+ followers
  • Posts hit popular page
  • Swipe Up/Link features
  • Credibility for future followers
  • Access to content team
  • Video/Post production
  • Targeted leads conversion %
  • Targeted Influencer Campaigns










Are you generating leads on Instagram? Everyday people spend thousands of dollars on wasted banner ads and 1-time chances at conversions through paid ads. Quit thinking so short sighted and start targeting long term, niche clients on Instagram. Instagram has nearly 1 Billion users and has become the most important platform to reach your potential customers. Here’s how my team can bring your business 2000+ leads/followers per month!

What I doExpertise to grow your business

Web Design

Marketing dollars are wasted unless you have a sharp, responsive website to convert those leads.

Content Creation

Whether marketing on Instagram, or other channels, your photos and business need to stand out for potential customers. Show them your best side!

Video Production

Videos convert almost 3X higher than image ads because they engage and sell. Let us create a video about your brand to convert more sales.


Is your business stuck in the mud or failing to reach a younger demographic? We can change what people think when they first encounter your brand.


Looking for talent for video content? Or simply looking to get your brand the exposure it deserves? Let's talk influencer campaign success stories.

Sales Funnels

Driving traffic but not converting leads? We can set up a sales funnel that will convert leads into emails and emails into customers.

Custom Influencer Projects

One of the quickest ways to grow your brand within your niche is to partner with influencers in your industry to spread your brand and grow your following. This doesn’t just mean Instagram followers, it means long term leads and fans you can market to for years to come. We partner with some of the biggest business, fitness, food, fashion and other niche influencers that can put your brand or product on the map.

  • Targeted Niche Followers 
  • 10K+ Real Growth
  • Influencer Content Creation
  • Brand engagement via Giveaways
  • Viral Brand Effect
  • Immediate Brand Credibility

Outbound Sales Team

The biggest mistake businesses make is not putting enough emphasis on sales! Sales are vital to business growth (and staying in business). Instagram is the number 1 lead generation tool on the planet, with nearly 1 Billion engaged users, but large ticket sales must be finished with phone calls, follow ups and closers. If you are struggling to convert sales, work with our world class outbound sales team to bring money into your business while you focus on your day to day operations.

  • Generate New Leads
  • Convert Instagram Leads to Sales
  • Follow Up Call System/Database
  • Script/Outbound Sales Consulting



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