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Blog – Carson Jones | Podcast & Influencer Marketer


  • Growing & Leveraging Instagram: Pt. 2

    Now that we understand the importance of growing your Instagram account and leveraging your following, let’s talk about some tactics to grow your accounts and how you can work with those who already have a following to help you grow your own. The most important thing to keep in mind, is that Instagram is all […]...

  • Growing & Leveraging Instagram: 5 reasons why it’s vital for your business

    Marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs are all starting to understand that Instagram is the most powerful platform in our social media ecosystem. This isn’t a doomsday article about the Facebook privacy changes or a headline panic over Snap Chats stock prices, but Instagram has just become that important. Facebook is becoming mainly a “pa...

  • Launching A Mobile App: The basics and advanced strategy to get your first 1000 users

    “I have a new app start-up” Ah yes, a phrase that can be heard from Silicon Valley, all the way to local coffee shops here in Columbus, Ohio and everywhere in between. The tech boom that brought us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber and many successful start-ups, is also a barren wasteland where 99% of the […]...

  • How To Start: From idea to execution

    The biggest question I get from aspiring entrepreneurs or people that just want more out of life is “how do I get started?” I hear all of the ideas, the people that say “I had the idea to start Uber way before they did,” or “If I only had ____ , I could do that […]...

  • The Mental Health Conversation: It’s time

    Its time to start talking more about mental health “But why would someone like Kate Spade, who had everything, take her own life?” That’s a question I saw on Twitter from multiple people that clearly don’t know how mental illness works. Mental illness and depression do not discriminate against the wealthy or the poor, the […]...



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